Oldenzaal, September 5, 2017

M-plastics obtains first Cradle to Cradle certification in the agriculture and floriculture sector

M-plastics was the first one to obtain a Cradle to Cradle certification in the agriculture and floriculture sector for its packaging products. Paul Schildmeijer, managing director of the Dutch plastic packaging company for agriculture and floriculture: "With the Cradle to Cradle certification at Silver level, we have made an important step in the change to making M-plastics, more sustainable, while we are already CO2 neutral. We want to take the lead in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and show our customers that the production process of our packaging products is organised in a sustainable and eco-friendly way".

Consultancy and engineering firm Tebodin, part of Bilfinger, was the supporting partner during the certification process of M-plastics. On 4 September last, Paul Schildmeijer received the Cradle to Cradle certificate from Mariska Van Dalen, accredited assessor for Cradle to Cradle at Tebodin.

Leading role

In order to obtain the Cradle to Cradle certification, Tebodin inspected the entire production process on aspects of health and reusability of material, as well as on the use of green energy during the production process, the water consumption and the social fairness for, for instance, local residents and employees. M-plastics grants the plastic packaging a second life by means of endless recycling.

Paul Schildmeijer: "Win the years to come, we will continue the sustainability of M-plastics, because we are eager to sustain our leading role in the branch. The demand for sustainable products in the retail branch is rapidly increasing".



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