Oldenzaal, July 18, 2019

Grey for the U.K.

From the spring of 2020, growers who focus on the English market must pay more attention to which plant packaging their end customers want in the United Kingdom.

This has to do with the so-called 'U.K. Plastic Pact'. This pact, which is specific to the English market, consists of agreements and objectives to reduce the use of plastics and to recycle all used plastics. All this must be achieved by 2025.

Because the recycling system in the U.K. sometimes is not advanced enough to correctly detect black plastic, alternatives are needed. But ... no worries, M-plastics offers you that alternative! With timely order, we can also deliver your orders in gray and off white, 100% U.K. proof!

Want to know more? Willem Jan is happy to tell you more about it.


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