Oldenzaal, June 8, 2018

Network meeting Benefits of Nature

Benefits of Nature is an organisation that calculates and improves the footprint of companies and their products in international agriculture and horticulture. In addition they help entrepreneurs with, for instance, choosing more sustainable suppliers and transporters. As an entrepreneur in the horticulture sector, you can join Benefits of Nature as a member if you wish to develop your company in the area of sustainability, collaboration and innovation.

Four times per year, the members of Benefits of Nature organise a network meeting. The main purpose of such meetings is for members to meet. In addition, the organising members provide information by means of pitches, but also give advice about how entrepreneurs can reduce their footprint.

Last Tuesday, the second network meeting of this year took place. Each network meeting has a certain focus, a theme. A subject is chosen that affects all members. This time, the theme was ‘when can we call something green, sustainable, ecological or biological?’

As a member attending this meeting, Paul Schildmeijer gave a pitch about M-plastics and how we deal with sustainability. The other pitches were given by people of Biota Nutrients, Flower Factor, FloraNL and Biopack Packaging.

We at M-plastics can look back on an interesting meeting!

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