Oldenzaal, July 11, 2018

M-plastics sustainability-related guarantee for large tree grower from Finland

This week, a large tree grower from Finland received a sustainability-related guarantee certificate from us, because they switched from one-time cultivation trays to the innovative and sustainable M-plastics cultivation trays. These cultivation trays will be used for air pruning of Norwegian spruces.

Using the M-plastics trays, a field of 144,000 m2 was converted to reusable and thus sustainable plastic in one go, with a return guarantee for all trays.

M-plastics guarantees the collection of the trays when they are no longer usable, so they can be processed into a new product.

With the quality delivered, our customers will be able to continue at least 10 years, in terms of temperatures of -25 degrees (and colder) to +40 degrees in the summer. A great piece of work by Willem Jan Spiele and his team!

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